Privacy Policy

At Bill Wilson Center we respect the personal dignity, confidentiality and privacy of our clients.

We have safeguards in place that protect health information. Clients are informed of their privacy rights, when they enter our programs and are provided with a copy of our privacy policies.


The following explains how personal health information is protected and maintained. It describes how this information may be used and disclosed and how clients can get access to it. It also explains rights regarding personal health information. The law says that we must explain our privacy notice and provide a copy to our clients (if they wish to have one). We obtain client signatures acknowledging that we have done so.

All individuals who work at Bill Wilson Center are committed to client privacy.

What client rights are:

How information may be shared:

(This is a summary of our Privacy Notice).

Please discuss any questions or concerns about our privacy practices with a Bill Wilson Center workforce member or contact our Director of Administration at 408-243-0222.